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Crazeebee is a publisher of beautiful and unique illustrated books and calendars. With our products, we aim to inform, entertain and inspire, we would like to show what a beautiful place the world is and what a privilege it is to live here.

We produce books for the book trade as well bespoke books and calendars for private companies and organisations.

We always aim for the highest quality to give you a product you'll enjoy looking at again and again.


Crazeebee was started in 2008 by Kiki Streitberger when she produced her first calendar for Flaig + Hommel.

Luckily this was a success and so she was asked back again the following year.

Shortly after she started working on her book "Israel and Palestine - Land of Opposites" which came out in October 2010.

She just published her very popular gift book "My Street Zoo".






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